A downloadable game for Windows

In this Abstract game you are locked up in OldMan creepy house

This is a parody/fangame of TUNKY game by Dave Microwaves Games

PD: I love Dave Microwaves Games, Padre Snow Mizzle And Micro Horror Arcade

Install instructions

Unzip the downloaded file


OldMan 1.3.0.zip 170 MB

Development log


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Simple but fun. 

A great game. Loved the atmosphere.

A weird Game. Greetings from Germany.

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I just played and got scared... 10/10

This look amazing! 82% chance im going to download.

SKIP TO 21:03!!!

I love games like this! I want more!
(start at 14:34)

Have a good day guys :)

definally reminded me of old dave microwave games noice! 

Really great game. Reminded me alot of Dave's games.

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Hello! I really enjoyed playing this game and had a lot of fun making a video on this there is some issues like the old man will open the lock doors and will leave them open I don't know if there is an invisible wall to keep the player out even if it's open because I already had the key anyway but that's all I had really except probably climbing the piano and making fun of the old man which I show at the beginning of the video I made other than that I really enjoyed this great job!

loved it a lot, took a bit to figure it out but I finished it lol 

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Cool game with nice visual design and grandfather sounds, but I couldn't complete the game ^^

I'm developing the sequel <3


The gameplay was good but it was also short. I don't even know if the closet was supposed to be a hiding spot, but it needs to be updated. Overall, this horror game was good!

Game at 0:24

this was a nice re-imagining to the dave microwave games. and i really like how intense the game was for a little horror game!

This was good! Easy to beat the first time through, second playthrough I discovered some things are randomly placed. That adds a decent amount of replay value! The old man could be a bit more threatening, but he gets the job done!



Really had alot of fun playing this, very scary tbh

the game, has some visual glitches and some problems, first of all the times i can't close the door, i saw a door dissapear but when i interacted with it it appeared, the monster wasn't that big of a treat, soo work on the AI, fix some bugs and visual glitches, it is a playable game and i enjoyed it for what it was. 

here is video

Actually enjoyed it, keep up the work man

This is a well done game. It reminds me when I played 3am At The Krusty Krab. I like this game. Well done fan game!

Well done, reminds me of the game "Granny"

Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay